Barratt Breathwork®

Barratt Breathwork is a comprehensive system that combines a progressive sequence of contemplative breath practices with meditation. We offer a meditative approach to the breath that focuses on cultivating mindfulness of the more subtle qualities of the breath. It is not about mastering a breath technique; rather, it is about cultivating a relationship of receptivity and openness with the breath. In learning how to allow and not force the breath, we create an environment of "presence" that awakens the transformative healing power of the breath. This approach to working with the breath has the potential to facilitate physical health and well-being and is also a dynamic tool for deep personal transformation and spiritual growth.

Barratt Breathwork Retreats and Workshops

Barratt Breathwork Retreats and Workshops offer a contemplative study and practice of the Eastern Science of Breath. These transformative programs combine informal lectures and contemplative breath practices with yoga and formal meditation practices. Each program is centered around a specific theme or topic with emphasis on personal and spiritual development.

Barratt Breathwork Online Classes

Barratt Breathwork Online Classes offer personal and professional training. Our online classes range from those that introduce the primary concepts and practices of Barratt Breathwork to a deeper study into the esoteric practices of the Eastern Science of Breath. For those seeking to integrate breathwork into their profession, our Professional Skills Training is designed for mind/body professionals.

Barratt Breathwork Facilitator Apprenticeship 

The Barratt Breathwork Facilitator apprenticeship is designed to refine and deepen professional skills in facilitating a progressive sequence of contemplative breath practices. The role of a apprenticeship is a time-honored tradition that provides the student the opportunity to work closely with an accomplished teacher in order to learn the full range of skills and techniques that define a highly skilled breathwork facilitator.

Barratt Breathwork Advanced Facilitator Apprenticeship

The Barratt Breathwork Advanced Facilitator Apprenticeship is designed for graduates of our facilitator apprenticeship who seek higher levels of study and training. Emphasis is on developing facilitation skills in yogic esoteric breathing. Students will learn how to integrate formal meditation into a progressive sequence of advanced breathwork sessions.